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Sahaja Trikatu Churnam-100 gms

Item Code: HCTKC100

A Sahaja Oushadi natural and herbal health product, packed & marketed by Sahaja Aharam Producer Company.

Health benefits - Tri" means three, "Katu" means pungent. Three pungent or heating herbs are used i.e. Long pepper, Black pepper and dry Ginger. It helps to clear excess mucous from the body, support respiratory functions, digestion and boosts metabolism. It works like scraping action on excess fat tissue, so helps in weight management. Trikuta contains Piperine, a great bio-enhancer phytochemical.

Dosage - For children 1/2-1 gm and for adults 3 grams' dose mixed in milk or warm water with honey for twice a day, before or after meals.
Consult your physician or doctor before consuming.

NO chemicals used. 100% Organic!

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