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Sahaja Korra Jaggery Cookies


Sahaja Korra Jaggery Cookies are manufactured and packed here at our own processing unit. Nutritious & Healthy! 100% Natural and Chemical Free! These cookies are soft and delicious and contain all the nutritional benefits of Korra/Foxtail Millet flour had, like improving digestion, boosting immunity, rich source of protein, etc.

Nutritional values - Gluten-free cereal that improves digestion, increases energy level, helps in maintaining cholesterol and eliminating virus and germs from the body. Enriched with a rich source of fibre, minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, zinc and potassium. Antioxidants (Tryptophan and amino acids) helps in curing disorders like insomnia and migraine.

Health benefits - Helps to regulate blood pressure, and reduce LDL levels, a good source of strengthening the immunity, cures insomnia and migraine, rich fibre content prevents breast cancer, maintains the bone health. These in the form of sprouts helps fight osteoporosis and could reduce the risk of fracture.

The ingredients used in our Sahaja Korra Cookies are pure, organic and procured directly from our farmer cooperatives - they are Korra flour/Foxtail flour, Baking Soda, Jaggery and Biscuit Cream. No preservatives, White flour, artificial colour or flavour have been used.

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