Sahaja Little Millet Jaggery Cookies


Sahaja Little Millet Jaggery cookies are soft and delicious. An excellent tea time snack or give to the children as an after-school snack or pack them in their snack box. They will enjoy it more because of the sweet ingredient -- Jaggery. Manufactured and packed here at our own processing unit.
Healthy & nutritious! 100% Organic and Chemical Free!
Nutritional values - Packed with the goodness of B-vitamins, minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. It's crude fibre content is nearly twice that of other cereals and amongst the millets, has the highest amount of it. Like other millets, it is also gluten-free. It is a rich source of essential amino acids Histidine, Methionine and Phenylalanine.

Health benefits - Detoxifies the body, lowers bad cholesterol levels, prevents onset of breast cancer, prevents type-II Diabetes, reduces blood pressure, aids in treating respiratory conditions, reduces the risk of gastric ulcers, and provides relief from constipation.

Ingredients used are pure, organic and procured directly from our farmer cooperatives - Bajra flour, Baking Soda, Jaggery and biscuit cream. No preservatives, White flour, Sugar, artificial colour or flavor.

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