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Lemon is a yellow colored fruit most commonly used for its juice. Usually found in an oval shape, lemons are tarty and acidic.

Nutritional values - It has 5-6% of citric acid content in it which promotes hydration and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. The carbohydrates in lemons are primarily composed of fibers and simple sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, the main fiber in lemons is pectin. They are a decent source of potassium and Vit B6. There are many plant compounds like citric acid, Hesperidin, Diosmin, Eriocitrin and D-limonene.

Health benefits - It strengthens blood vessels, reduces heart disease risks, supports weight loss, improves skin quality, aids in digestion, freshens breath, prevent kidney stones. Because lemons can enhance the absorption of iron from foods, they may help prevent anemia.
They may also cause contact allergy and skin irritation in people with dermatitis. Being quite acidic, eating them frequently may be harmful to dental health if your tooth enamel becomes damaged.

In the kitchen - Besides its culinary use lemons also make for an excellent household cleanser and deodorizer. It is used for its juice, rind and zest in sweet or savory dishes and also in drinks and salads. A lovely ingredient to bring some freshness to a dull dish. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. It is also popularly used in marinades for fish, neutralizing the amines in fish. The juice is also added as a short-term preservative for certain foods It is suitable for all the seasons.

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