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Sahaja Herbal Shampoo Powder - 250 gms

Item Code: PCHSP250

Herbal Shampoo powder, a Sahaja Soundarya hand made product contains Soap nut, amla, mehandi, hibiscus flower, fenugreek seeds. NO chemicals, artificial fragrance or artificial colours.

  • It is useful in hair conditioning, control dandruff and hair fall.
  • Amla clears minor scalp conditions with its antibacterial properties and strength the hair.
  • Fenugreek makes hair silky and shiny.
  • Use it by mixing in warm water (as per the volume of the hair) and apply it to the roots and the hair.
  • Please See - FOAM-LESS Shampoo unlike regular shampoos.

It is marketed by Sahaja Aharam Producer Company. It is 100% Organic.

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