Sahaja Aharam Consumer Group Terms and Conditions

Form a Consumer Group and get rewarded with a 10% discount. Below are the rules and regulations. Please call 8500583300 for more details.


  1. 1. Each of the group members registers as a separate customer Register here
  2. 2. Group Representative informs the Group Name , and list of customers who should be included in the group to 8500583300.

Order Placement & Delivery

  • 1. Each member will place their order online Order here
  • 2. Minimum order of each member should be at least 1000/-. Total order of the group should be minimum 12K (Fruits and Veggies Excluded) for the 10% discount to be applied.
  • 3. All members should place their orders by Sunday. Delivery will be done by next Saturday.
  • 4. Single point of delivery for each group. But separate package for each individual customer's invoice.
  • 5. No delivery charges applied.

Discount Application

  • 1. At registration time, Group Representative will inform whether 10% should be applied to all member invoices. Or whether the 10% equivalent amount be given as a credit note to him/her (as he/she is also a customer). This credit note amount can be used by him/her in future purchases made at Sahaja Aharam. This credit cannot be converted to cash.
  • 2. If 12K minimum order is not met, discount will not be applied for that delivery. Also, normal rules of Delivery charges will apply. See Regular Delivery Terms.