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Sahaja Soap Nuts


Soap nut or Kunkudukaya or Shikakai, is a kind of Berry, which is split open and dried in the sun, that gives the dark golden shell. Sahaja Soap Nuts are naturally grown and free from chemical pesticides. They are procured directly from farmers' cooperative.
Healthy! 100% Organic!

It has a very high percentage of saponins, a surfactant which removes dirt and oil, if mixed with water. It is used as a natural shampoo for hair as it makes the hair healthy, shiny, stops hair fall and prevents dandruff. It is a natural detergent for clothes or for shining the ornaments. Good for sensitive skin and heals skin problems like Psoriasis, Eczema pimples and blackheads. It smoothens the blood circulation.

Extra point - Mix Soap nut liquid and any essential oil - it becomes a handmade face wash.

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