Sahaja BPT Black Rice


Black Rice, also known as Purple, Asian, Forbidden or Emperor's Rice majorly cultivates in Asian countries like China, Myanmar, Indonesia and in India is majorly grown in the easter region. Sahaja Black Rice is grown organically, without using any chemical pesticides. Thus, a healthy and nutritious food item on your plate. It is procured directly from the farmers' cooperative.

Nutritional Values - Rich in minerals such as iron and copper, dietary fiber, protein, vitamin E, antioxidants and low Glycemic Index.

Health benefits - Good for the Liver, weight loss. Diabetes and works as a natural detoxifier.

´╗┐Cooking tips - Soak it overnight which makes the rice tender and reduces the preparation time, thus, reducing the carbon footprint in the Kitchen. Over cooking may loose the essential nutritional value. It is earthy and nutty. The darker the colour of the rice, the better the quality.

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