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Sahaja Brown Rice


Brown Rice is an unrefined and unpolished whole grain with inedible outer husk layer removed. Chewier compared to white rice and has a nutty flavour. The shape doesn't retain like white rice. Due to pressure the outer bran ruptures and the grain opens along the longer axis. Sahaja Brown Rice has been cultivated organically, without using any chemical pesticides. Thus, a healthy and nutritious food on your plate.

Nutritional Values - A good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, high in dietary fibre and vital fatty acids.
For a serving size of 100 gms, it has the following nutritional values - Fat 1.24 mg, Protein 9.16 mg, Carbohydrates 74.8 mg, Fibre 4.43 mg, Iron 1.02 mg, Calcium 10.93 mg, Cholesterol 72 mg and Energy 1480 mg.

Health Benefits - Helps in controlling diabetes, provides antioxidants, may reduce or mitigate obesity, possible neuro protectivity, lowers stress in lactating women, enhancing digestive and heart health, protective against some cancers, maintains bone health, anti-depressant properties and controls cholesterol.

Cooking tips - Rice-Water Ratio = 1:2 ½-3 cups. Best cooked by slow-steaming. Soaked rice reduces cooking time to 40-45 mins.

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