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Sahaja White Rice


Sahaja White rice, that has its husk, bran and nutritious germ removed is organically grown without using chemical pesticides. Very popular amongst Asians. Add health to your life!

Nutritional values - Doesn't have much fibre, neither significant amount of proteins. However, it is fortified with certain B vitamins. Rich in starch and calories, thus considered not so healthy and contains a risk of high sugar levels. For a serving size of 100 gms, it has the following nutritional values - Fat 0.52 mg, Protein 7.94 mg, Carbohydrates 78.24mg, Fiber 2.81 mg, Iron 0.65 mg, Calcium 7.79 mg, Cholesterol 76.39 mg and Energy 1491 mg. For healthy option - consume in moderation.

Cooking tips - Steaming or boiling - best way of cooking due to the elimination of any high-fat vegetable oils. Add some cumin seeds to the steamed rice to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. One can also add some coconut oil to slash calories or a few cloves that helps in regulating the blood pressure.

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