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Ayush Free Range Eggs-6-Pk

Item Code: EGAYF1BX

Pasture raise Free-range Eggs that 100% natural. Hens have places to perch, do dust bathe and sunbathe, can walk, run and fly, grown naturally in small flocks. Grown without antibiotics and hormones. Size of the egg - slightly smaller than regular Eggs.

Nutritional values - Have natural protein, high in Omega 3, contains low Saturated Fats, enriched with organic vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids.
Health benefits - Can be availed by all ages, improves memory IQ, stimulate healthy body growth, essential amino acids support fetal growth and lowers risk of anemia, improves quality of breast milk, helps in brain development, weight and hair loss, increases skin glow and muscle development.
Cooking tips - Hard-boiled, scrambled, poached and fried Eggs, Omelette, Frittata, French Toast and can be used in baking.

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