Ensuring Fair Trade

Ensures that producers gets more than 50% of the consumers price.

We appreciate the effort of a baker, when we eat a soft and a delicious cake. We appreciate our mothers or grandmothers when they prepare the Mango Pickle during the Summers. We even at some rare occasions appreciate the chef of a restaurant when we are satisfied with the taste. Now, this is a fair treatment. We get something good & delicious and we appreciate the giver.

Let us give same treatment to our farmers. They are the sole producers of any kind of food that we eat or the ingredients that we use for cooking. Imagine, if there are no farmers in the world to grow the food. Can you imagine your world without your favourite ‘Aavakay’ (Mango Pickle) or ‘Laddu’ or ‘Pani Puri’ or ‘Ice cream’ or ‘Pizza’ or ‘Pulihora/Tamarind Rice’? NO.

SAPCO ensures a fair trade to all it’s producers. How? By giving them more than 50% of the consumers’ price. There are no middle traders or any middlemen between their supply and the consumers’ demand. Their harvest is collected directly at our Organic Food Hubs, being processed, packed and supplied to our Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), a place where the consumers shop.

The farmers takes care of their buyers by giving them a safe and organic food. They take care of the environment and the climate change by using natural manure, bio-inputs, underground water conservation, enriching the soil quality with sustainable farming methods. Thus, we ensure a fair trade for those who take the efforts to feed us everyday by giving them a better price.