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Sahaja Bengalgram Flour


Bengal Gram flour is also known as Chickpea flour, Besan (Hindi) or Garbanzo bean flour and is a staple food in India. Stone-grounded from Organic Bengal grams, without using any chemical pesticides. Chickpeas are versatile legumes with a mild and nutty taste. No chemical pesticides has been used and is a healthy and nutritious food item on your plate.

Nutritional values - Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, 25% fewer calories than white flour, high in fibre and proteins than wheat flour.

Health benefits - May reduce the formation of harmful compounds in processed foods, reduces calorie intake, may be more filling than wheat flour thus decreasing hunger, decreased blood sugar. Great substitute for wheat flour and an ideal protein source for vegetarians, as they provide nearly all the essential amino acids.

Cooking tips - Can be used as a replacement for wheat flour in baking, a natural thickener in soups, curries and as a light and airy breeding for fried foods. Used in pakoda (vegetable fritters) or laddoos (small dessert pastries), pancakes or crepes.

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