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Sahaja Ragi Flour


Ragi (Finger Millet) Flour is prepared by crushing dried grains, drying and then stone-grinding them to a fine powder. Originally cultivates in Uganda and Ethiopia, a very popular millet in South India. Sahaja Ragi flour is grown without any chemical pesticides and is a healthy food item.

Nutritional values - A whole and gluten-free grain, rich in good carbohydrates, calcium, dietary fibres and antioxidants. A natural source of Vit D and iron.

Health benefits - Cooling agent for Summers, minimizes appetite and helps in weight loss. Lowers sugar level, relaxes the body (anxiety, depression or insomnia), good source of healthier bones, young and youthful skin, maintains digestive pace, and prevents osteoporosis (a disease that weakens bones).

Cooking tips - For those who would like to prepare the flour at home - roast the ragi grains before grinding them. Special attention for children - Has a bland taste, so mixing it with brown sugar or palm sugar gives it the texture of chocolate and then bake it into cookies or muffins. Roast some Ragi before using it which gives it a great nutty flavour. Can be used in muffins, cookies, cakes/pastries, rotis/chapatis, dosa/idli batter, porridge with some nuts and milk or with curd and chopped onion, carrot and cucumber. COOL SUMMER DRINK - Boil ragi flour in the water till it completely dissolves and make Ragi Buttermilk with a pinch of salt and pepper.

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