Fresh from Organic Farms

Vegetables supplied from farms to consumers in less than 12 hours from harvesting

There might be so many people with the beautiful memories of plucking the Guava fruit from their backyards. Such experiences are irreplaceable. Neither the freshness of the fruit is gone, nor the fruits ends up in the dustbin. In the similar way, the farmers also don’t want their produce to go waste by lying in some warehouse for hours or sometimes, for days together. When we say “Fresh from Organic Farms”, we literally mean it. The Fresh Produce from FPOs reaches our Stores in less than 12 hours from harvesting.

“The act of putting into your mouth what the Earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the Earth.” This quote by Frances Moore Lappè (a researcher and an author in the area of food and democracy policy) gives us a rightful message. With the increasing concrete jungle around us, nobody cares or have the time to enjoy the food as it is. If there is an option of fresh food, one should stick to it.

The produce that we sell at Sahaja Aharam is as fresh as it possibly can be. It will keep us away from the preservatives or the chemicals that are sprayed for the purpose of a longer shelf-life. Any produce loses it’s nutrition value over time. So to gain maximum nutrition, one needs to consume the food when it is fresh. Also, fresh produce tastes better and that gives us an opportunity to cook a delicious yet nutritious food.