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Sahaja Amrutha Sanjeevini Churnam-100 gms

Item Code: HCASC100

Amrutha Sanjeevini, a Sahaja Oushadi handmade herbal product manufactured by Sri Aurobindo Institute for Rural Development, Telangana and packed and marketed by Sahaja Aharam.

Health benefits - It helps in ailing constipation, gastric problems, hyperacidity, Arthritis, Rheumatic pains, joint pains and Piles. Mix it with water and have it before or after meals.

Dosage amount - for children - 2 gms and for adults - 5 gms. Consult your physician or doctor before consuming.

Ingredients used are Senna, dry Ginger, sweet Jeera, small Bahara and rock salt. No chemicals. 100% Organic!

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