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Sahaja Barnyard Millets


Barnyard Millet (Udalu) is a wild seed and not a grain. Also known as Sanwa(Hindi), Moraiyo (Gujarati) is a fastest growing crop. Small seeds of Barnyard millet are processes on groats which are then used in the preparation of different types of porridges. Sahaja Barnyard Millets are organically grown, without any chemical pesticides and we get directly from our farmers.

Nutritional values - Low in calories and carbohydrates, high levels of dietary fibre, calcium and phosphorous. Predominantly starchy. Gluten free grain.

Health benefits - Feels light and energetic, prevents constipation, excess gas, bloating, cramping, helpful for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Cooking tips - Tastes similar to broken rice when cooked. Does not cook into separate grains like long grained rice. It is sticky once cooked and stays a bit soggy. The grains are smaller than Saboodana and bigger than Ravva. Good alternative to rice and wheat. It is popular during fasting days.
What can be prepared? Whole grains are commonly used to prepare upma, khichadi, pulav. Porridge, Kheer, Payasam (even to babies). Can be grounded to flour (coarsely or finely) at home and mix it in the chapati dough, idli or dosa batter.

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