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Sahaja Browntop Millet


Browntop Millet (Andu Korra) is one of the rarest among millets grown naturally and pesticide free. It is not only nutritious but also very delicious and is known for its rapid forage production. It is a food grown pesticide free and we get directly from our farmers.

Nutritional values - Gluten-free, good source of B-complex vitamins, rich in antioxidants, minerals, calcium, magnesium and iron. High in dietary fibre.

Health benefits - Controls blood sugar level, easy for digestion. It serves as a medicine for dealing with life style diseases, lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases, duodenal ulcer and hyperglycemia (diabetes).

Cooking tips - Cooks well when soaked for an hour in warm water. Millet-water ratio = 1:2 ½. Before preparing any breakfast dishes, dry roast the millets and then let it cool down and use it. What can be prepared? Breakfast dishes like Dosa, Idly, Upma, Appam. Meals like Khichadi, Pulav, Lemon/Tamarind rice, or cooking it like regular white rice and serving it with stir-fried vegetables or cooked curry/lentils. Can be grinded to flour and mix it with wheat flour to make rotis/chapatis, naan, paratha, bhakri and other bread forms. Desserts like Payasam/kheer, Sweet appam and can try making some traditional sweets.

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