Processed in Own Food Hubs

Processed at exclusive Organic Food hubs owned by SAPCO or farmers

Those Orange-Reddish shades on Tomatoes looks so fresh in that basket on your kitchen counter, the strong aroma of the Leafy vegetables, tempts you to immediately prepare a dal for the meals; or that one year old Brown Rice still looks so fresh and lively. How? The answer is simple – Processing.

Processing of the produce plays a major role in the all the food materials or the fruits and vegetables. Everybody has a right to access healthy food. We make sure that the produce that we provide is gone through the required and the minimal amount of processing, be it cleaning, grading, sorting or packing. This way, there is less wastage and it can be preserved in a better way for a longer time with all inedible particles removed. All these happens at our very own Organic Food Hubs.

These Organic Food Hubs not only provide a fresh and organically grown produce to the consumers but also an employment opportunity for all the farmers, especially small and marginal farmers. It saves their time of travel to reach out to the markets and help them to concentrate on the work they do the best i.e. Growing Organic Food. We try our best to connect the local produce of the local farmers with the urban community with no middlemen.

We help connect our rural producers with the urban and peri-urban consumers, enabling them to learn from each other. This system encourages a healthy lifestyle changes, dietary changes by supplying organic and fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and all kinds of produce.

The produce is processed and packed at our four exclusive Food Hubs at Boddam, Vijayanagaram and Naguladinne, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh; and Kallem, Jangaon District, Telangana.