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Sahaja Moong Dal


Moong Dal/Green Gram Split washed (the grain is split and washed) are small, green beans that belong to the legume family. These beans have a slightly sweet taste and are sold fresh, as sprouts or as dried beans, typically eaten in salads, soups and stir-fries. Sahaja Moong Dal Chilka is procured directly from the farmers' cooperatives, healthy, nutritious, 100% organic and free from chemical pesticides.

Nutritional values - High in important vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Sprouted mung beans contain fewer calories but have more antioxidants and amino acids. such as Phenylalanine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Lysine, and Arginine.

Health benefits - It reduces your risk of chronic diseases, such as Heart disease, Diabetes and certain Cancers. Antioxidants such as Vitexin and Isovitexin that may protect against free radical damage. A good source of Potassium, Magnesium and Fiber that helps lowering Blood pressure levels, promote digestive health. It can help curb hunger by lowering levels of hunger hormones, such as Ghrelin, and raising fullness hormones, such as Peptide YY, GLP-1 and Cholecystokinin.

Farmer NameNPOP Organic Certificate No.Village
Bhuvireddy KrishnaAP1226000233Vepada (v), Vepada (M), Vizianagaram (D), AP

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